​I know it is disappointing for people to hear, but Dogs Don't Like Hugs.

They will certainly tolerate them if they were handled and hugged as small puppies, and they want to please those that are closest to them. But, they especially don't like hugs from kids they don't know. This is a common cause of  dog bites to the face. 

The Half Moon Eye is a look of anxiety.  It is often used by a dog to avert their gaze to a trusted adult, or to look away from unwanted attention or affection. The eyes seem to say "Oh no, Here it comes."

​The Lip Lick or Tongue Flick are usually subtle because they happen so quickly. Dogs do this to say "I'm nervous." You can often see other body language along with it, like the ears pinned back, or the mouth closed tight.

Yawning dogs are not usually sleepy. More likely, if they are yawning when wide awake, they are tired of something or someone that is bothering them.

Understanding Dog Body Language is one of the best ways to prevent dog bites. Dogs almost always tell us, or give us warnings with their bodies when they are feeling uncomfortable or would rather be left alone. If you know these sometimes subtle messages, you can stop a situation from progressing to a bite.

We often hear our little patients in the ER say, " I just wanted to give him a hug."

DOGS DO NOT LIKE HUGS AND KISSES. Especially, from kids they don't know.

Thank you TheFamilyDog.com for letting me share this adorable video.

The Head Turn can be seen when dogs have "had enough." The head can away from, or be exaggerated toward, the source of their anxiety.

​In the first three pictures above you can see the Ears pinned back or forward on the head, but not moving freely.

​The last dog is saying " Talk to the paw." The Lift or Wave of the Paw can often be seen when dogs want you to go away.