The Social K9

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A two year dog is an adult.

Your puppy is all grown up. Now you start adding seven human years to one dog year.

Adult dogs will pleasantly surprise you by learning new advanced commands and tricks.  They are eager to please, and you should continue to work with them out and about where they can socialize with all kinds of people and dogs. Advanced training will help them reach their fullest potential.

Dogs that have been raised to be service, police, search and rescue, and guide dogs are now prepared to start working, just like a college graduate.

       Wauconda (my first CCI Puppy) on Graduation Day.                               Kroner(my first Guide Dog Puppy) on Graduation Day

This is great time to consider giving your dog a fun job to do. Most dogs love to be given the opportunity to work at something alongside their person.

You can consider agility training, therapy dog work, or advanced obedience.

 Relax and enjoy life with your well socialized, wonderfully well behaved K9!